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The 2019 Irish Pony Club Festival Championships will once again be held in Barnadown Show Jumping on Thursday 25th, Friday 26th and Saturday 27th July 2019.

Provisionally, the Musical Ride Competition at the 2019 Festival will be held on Friday 26th July.  

Entry Details for the Irish Pony Club Musical Ride

Entries for the Musical Ride will open when all of the Festival Competition Entries open on Its Plain Sailing. Therefore, entries for the Musical Ride will be made using Its Plain Sailing. Parents will enter their child through their Branches Its Plain Sailing page. The Branch DC or Branch Its Plain Sailing Administrator will then submit the entry to the Irish Pony Club. Branches who do not use the Its Plain Sailing system will submit their entries using an excel sheet which will be e-mailed to each Branch before the Festival. DCs are advised that timetabling may be very difficult if children are involved in both Mounted Games and Musical Ride so they may have to choose between these competitions.

Musical Ride Score Sheet

Rules of the Competition

  • Minimum of 6 riders, maximum of 20 riders in the ride.
  • All riders over 6 years of age on 1st January of the current year.
  • Any person in the arena must be a current member of the Irish Pony Club.
  • Dress – hats and footwear to comply with current Dressage Tack sheet.
  • Tack - any normal tack and riding bit is permitted
  • The arena will be a maximum of 30m x 60m and a minimum of 20 x 40m.
  • The duration of the display within the arena should be no longer than 8 minutes. In addition to this time one minute maybe added for entry and one minute for exit. A total of 10 minutes. Music is permitted throughout the full time.
  • Outside assistance – voice, bell, whistle, signal, etc is not permitted.
  • Props are not permitted within the arena.
  • A P.A. system will be made available for use. Each ride must provide their music on a CD or other suitable media. The introduction to their ride can be given by their own commentator or by the MC on the day.

Download the following Musical Ride information document for further information on the Musical Ride competition. 

Musical Ride Guidelines and Information


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