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Congratulations to the 2019 Irish Senior Tetrathlon Team who travelled to Hendersyde Park in Scotland last weekend to compete at the UK Pony Club Senior International Tetrathlon.

It was another brilliant and successful weekend for our IPC members.  Twenty one athletes in total made the journey to Scotland.  Our International Girls Team placed first in both the International and Regional competitions and the Leinster Girls team placed second.  This is the first time in approximately thirty years of the competition that teams from the same region placed first and second.  The IPC International Boys team placed third in the Regional competition and they were the second full regional team in the International competition.  Rebeca Lowe from Westmeath Hunt Branch won the Individual Regional and International competition with Leah O'Neill, Co. Clare Branch placed second, Erika Lowe, Westmeath Hunt Branch in fourth and Lucy Hogan, Co. Cavan Branch in fifth.  This was Rebecca's second time winning the competition.  She won it for the first time when she was thirteen years old.  Notably for the boys, Ben Toole, Ward Union Branch placed fifth in the Indivudal competition. 

The cross country course was fantastic according to those who travelled to Scotland.  It was a very difficult, complicated, full up and technical course, but it was loved by our Irish competitors.  Only five competitors came home within the time allowed. Ireland's Ellen Collins and Ben Toole, both from Ward Union Branch made up two of these competitors.  In total, eight Irish girls had clear rounds on the cross country course and three Irish boys.  On a challenging course, only 3.6% of the eighty girls entered in the competition had clear rounds and overall only 7% of the competitors had clear rounds.

The Irish Pony Club would like to thank all of the team in Scotland including Sloan Smith for delivering a super weekend of competition.  Well done everyone and congratulations on another successful Tetrathlon trip. 


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