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Chairman of Eventing Mr. Richard Kehoe in conjunction with the Eventing Committee, would like to sincerely thank Connolly’s Redmills for their extremely generous longstanding sponsorship of the Irish Pony Club Eventing Championship and Qualifiers. Connolly’s Redmills have also provided us with fantastic prizes for the Connolly’s Redmills League.

As always, we are very grateful for their continued support.

Please visit the Redmills store in Cillin Hill, Dublin Road, Kilkenny or have a look at their website where you will find a range of luxury products from clothing, footwear, pet care, home wares, and of course the well-known Redmills feed range.

Thank you to Simon Porter Saddlery who sponsored the Best Turned out prizes. Simon is a long standing supporter of the Irish Pony Club. We would be lost on occasion without him on hand to supply Girths, Numnahs, Studs etc to those who have found themselves short at our Events.

We would also like to thank the venue owners Tattersalls Ireland who provided us with the most spectacular venue and facilities.

Tattersall course Builder Mr. Eugene O’Neill is to be highly commended for the four Cross country courses he provided us with. They were of the highest quality and were very highly commended by all our attendees.

Many thanks to the Chairman of the Equine Executive Committee Mr. Michael Essame. You rolled your sleeves up and helped immensely with organising the handing over of the dressage sheets to the Branch representatives. You were a great support to the Office.

Thank you to our Chief Stewards Gervais Maher & Elaine Lait. You worked from very early morning till late at night to make sure everything was up to scratch and all queries were given a fair hearing.

To all the Branch volunteers, Judges, Scribes and Scorers, who gave up their free time to make sure this Competition took place. We cannot run any competition without your valued time and support. For this we thank you most sincerely.

To the members, parents and supporters. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You put in a huge effort all summer to qualify. The friendly smiles, and great banter created a wonderful atmosphere that will be hard to emulate.

The past eighteen months have been extremely difficult for many in the Irish Pony Club. The Eventing Committee would like to pass on their sympathies to the families of Grace Tyrell, Susanna O’ Dowd, Tiggy Hancock & Gabriella Weaver. These girls are all former members of the IPC who have represented their branches to the very highest of standards. Their loss has been felt immensely by all who knew them.

Many thanks to those who in leu of payment for their services over the weekend offered a donation to the Tiggy's Trust.


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