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The Irish Pony Club will offer a Covid-19 Information Webinar on Wednesday 8th July at 6pm to interested Irish Pony Club Branches and parents.

This webinar is open to all interested parties including parents and members.  It will be an information session only, to provide information on the measures being implemented by the Irish Pony Club and its Branches, to allow members return to activity while preventing the spread of Covid-19.   Up to one hundred places will be available at this training webinar.  This is not a certified workshop.

The webinar will be delivered through Zoom by Tony Ennis, Irish Pony Club Health and Safety Chairman.  Interested parties must register for the information session on the Irish Pony Its Plain Sailing page:  Invitations to the webinar will be e-mailed to those who register through Its Plain Sailing only.  Please make sure that the correct e-mail address is entered on the registration form because invitations will be distributed to the e-mail address listed on the form.  Attendees will be required to sign into the information session, 10 minutes before the official start time.  The information session is free of charge.

To date, the Irish Pony Club has provided training for 105 Covid-19 Compliance Officers.  This week a further 45 places at training workshops will be offered to Branch officials.  The safety of our members, parents, officials, instructors and volunteers is of the utmost importance to the Irish Pony Club.  We look forward to providing you with you information on all of the measures that have been implemented thus far.

Please share this information with any members or parents in your Branch who would be interested in attending.


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