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We are delighted that many Branches in the Irish Pony Club have been able to return to activities and that members and parents are very appreciative of the opportunity.

Firstly, may I pay tribute to Dr. Tony Holohan for the advice and the calm expression as he addressed our country amid the Covid-19 pandemic.  It is a difficult time for his family and that same character will shine as he supports and comforts his family.

While I want all of us to enjoy our activities, none of us can become complacent as each one of us has a duty of care for each other in helping to STOP the spread or recurrence of this contagious virus.  Examples have shown us from other countries a recurrence when restrictions were eased.  Please do not let the same happen on the island of Ireland.

Following a Health and Safety meeting last week, we are working on the plan released and continue to ease restrictions within the Irish Pony Club.  We will now open the area and national activities. Camps will be allowed from July 22nd with restrictions. The protocols and guidelines for these will go live this week.  Branches will be notified of the the updated protocols once they have been finalised.  They will also be made available on the Downloads page of the Irish Pony Club website under the heading Covid-19. 

In a statement to the Irish Pony Club Executive committee, these guidelines were outlined.  Also, the holding of tests could happen however thought must be given for the care of all during these times.

Remember, it is each persons duty to RISK access their own situation first. Risk assessment for any activity highlights what is necessary to be implemented in order to minimise, reduce and stop the spread of Covid-19.

I hope you all will enjoy the rest of the year with the Irish Pony Club.

Keep safe, have fun and keep smiling.

Tony Ennis, Irish Pony Club Health and Safety Chairman


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