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Branch Annual Parent Meetings are an invaluable opportunity for Irish Pony Club parents and guardians to engage with their local Branch and inform plans and decisions for 2020.

As we are approaching the latter stages of the year, all levels of the Irish Pony Club must begin a process of evaluation and conclusion for 2019 and preparation for 2020. In the forthcoming weeks Branches will be sending out notices for their Annual Parents Meetings to invite parents and guardians of Branch members to attend. These meetings offer both the Branch committees and the parents and guardians of members the opportunity to identify the Branches successes and areas for improvement. We would ask all parents and guardians of members of the Irish Pony Club to engage with their local Branches by attending these meetings, to voice opinions, inform decision making and contribute to the development and advancement of the Branch.

As a voluntary organisation, our Branches are dependent on the experiences, skills and enthusiasm of their parents and volunteers. Parents, guardians and volunteers are vital to the survival of the local Branch. The skills, resources and new ideas that you can contribute are invaluable. If you are a parent or guardian of a member, could you consider adding your experiences and skills to your local Branches committee by putting yourself forward for nomination? Equestrian experience is not a requirement for every member of the Branch committee. All parents and guardians are welcome to contribute their particular expertise to the improvement of their Branch. Vacancies will be arising in the coming weeks and this is your opportunity to have a positive influence in the running of the Branch.

Thank you to all Irish Pony Club friends, volunteers, parents and guardians who have unfailingly supported our Branches to date. We look forward to welcoming old friends and new supporters for 2020.



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