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The Dublin Horse Show takes place this week in the RDS in Dublin.  This year approximately thirty four Irish Pony Club members will participate in activities at the Dublin Horse Show, in combined training, mounted games and musical ride. 

Therefore, if you are heading to the Dublin Horse Show this week, don't forget to cheer on our members.  The very best of luck to everyone taking part this week.  Have a great weekend and enjoy every moment!

Timetable of Irish Pony Club Activities at the Dublin Horse Show.

  • IPC Combined Training Intermediate and Open
    • Dressage: Friday 10th August – 4pm to 6.10pm – Ring 1
    • Show Jumping: Saturday 11th August – 6.05pm to 7.35pm – Ring 2
  • Senior Mounted Games Championship
    • Heats: Saturday 11th August – 2.35pm to 4pm – Ring 1
    • Final: Sunday 12th August – 2.15pm to 3.45pm – Ring 1
  • Musical Ride Display
    • Sunday 12th August – 4.25pm to 4.55pm – Ring 1

Combined Training Competitors:

Class 84 Intermediate riders qualifying at IPC Area Competitions:

  • Area 1: Holly Malone on Letterdyfe Locke, Carlow Hunt Branch
  • Area 2: Sarah Fitzpatrick on Odins Pride, Kildare Hunt Branch
  • Area 3: Leah Coen on Droma Joey, Tipperary Hunt Branch
  • Area 4: Naoise Ward on Goran Allo, Killinick Harriers Hunt Branch
  • Area 5: Cora Hurley on Castlehaven Diamond Mary, Carbery Hunt Branch
  • Area 6: Kitty Harburn on Carracanada River, Clew Bay Branch
  • Area 7: Saoirse Riley on A Tad More Heart, Louth Hunt Branch
  • Area 8: Godfrey Gibbons on Twilight Thunder, East Galway Hunt Branch
  • Area 9: Luke Cahill on Major Sensation, Co. Limerick Hunt Branch
  • Area 17: Sarah Clarke on Ice King
  • Area 17: Tom Rowlatt on Mon Ami Tonnerre

Class 85 Open Riders qualifying in Combined Training at IPC Competitions:

  • Area 1: Ailish Osborne on Ferregana, Carlow Hunt Branch
  • Area 2: Megan O’Leary on Silver Brogue, Westmeath Hunt Branch
  • Area 3: Lucy O’Hagan on Lisheen Fork Lightening, Tipperary Hunt Branch
  • Area 4: Maria Cairns on Sahara Breeze, Wexford Hunt Branch
  • Area 5: Nicole Lynch on Chasmarella, South Union Hunt Branch
  • Area 6: Jill McGettigan on Watermill Hollie, East Donegal Branch
  • Area 7: Emily McCourt on Rathbane Legend, Louth Hunt Branch
  • Area 8: Leagh Daniels on Fernville Harley, Tynagh Branch
  • Area 9: Caoimhe Murphy on Moveen Switch, Co. Limerick Hunt Branch
  • Area 17: Lucy McIlroy on Major Black
  • Area 17: Kerry Magill on Lissnahall Miss Toffee

Mounted Games Competitors:

  • Kildare Hunt Branch / Trainer Jerome O’Connor
    • Ali Mc Phillips on Amber
    • Grace Queally on Sprite
    • Grace Queally on Sprite
    • Josh Hickey on Missy
    • Isabelle Tyrrell on Gabby
    • Louis Hennessy on Jake
  • Island Hunt Branch / Trainer – Thomas Cullen
    • James Cullen on Coco Pops
    • Ava Chamney on Millie
    • Niamh O’Leary on Ted
    • Katie Cullen on Jessie
    • Kerri McDonald on Billy
  • Shillelagh and District Hunt Branch / Trainer - John Driver
    • Jamie Doyle on Grace
    • Mollie Kinsella on Travis
    • Róisín Mangan on Rosie
    • Stephen Sharry on Misty
  • Meath Hunt Branch / Team Trainer – Mark Crowe
    • Aoibhé Monaghan on Flash
    • Nadine Dunne on Magnet
    • Caragh Monaghan on Oscar
    • Rachel Crowe on Scoobie
    • Annie Martin on Moonlight
  • Laois Hunt Branch / Team Trainer - Eilidh Hyland
    • John Nolan on Flash
    • Daragh Phelan on Ziggy
    • Sadie Hyland on Herbie
    • Darragh Carolan on City Girl
    • Saoirse Wynne on Tink 
  • Duhallow Hunt Branch / Team Trainer - Kevin O’Meara
    • Ewan Phillips on Lucy
    • Laura Archdeacon on Candy
    • Sophie O'Meara on Homer
    • Rory O'Meara on Buttons
    • Jane O'Meara on The Black Polly

Musical Ride Competitors:

Killinick Harriers Hunt Branch

  • Lili-Mai Berry on Shavey
  • Faye Murphy on Brighter Day Biscuits
  • Sadhbh Darcy on Tagannan Lad
  • Emily Roche on Silver Lea
  • Jessie Bates on Molly Malone
  • Lauren Reck on Glenasmole Cassie
  • Megan Murray on Blaze Fred
  • Ava Murphy on Newbury Imp
  • Sophie Whitehead on Ballyell Blaze
  • Edie Codd on Little Dolly
  • Issac Barry on Cherry Blossom
  • Geoffrey Barry on Lily
  • Isabelle Barry on Sandy Banks
  • Kate Jordan on Woodville Lad
  • Kiera Crowther

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