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The Irish Pony Club Festival will take place on Thursday 26th, Friday 27th and Saturday 28th July in Barnadown Showjumping, Gorey, Co. Wexford.

Please Note: Entries must be submitted to the IPC by your Branch before Thurdsay 19th July at 9am.

The following is the provisional timetable including approximate start times for each class:

Thursday 26th July 2018

 Combined Training
  • U-10 Dressage
  • U-12 Dressage
  • U-10 and U-12 Show Jumping 


 12.00 Noon
 11.30 Noon

 Mounted Games
  • U-10
 1.00 pm Tack Inspection and Parade of Teams

Friday 27th July 2018

Combined Training
  • Novice Dressage
  • Junior Dressage
  • Intermediate Dressage
  • Open Dressage
  • Senior Associate Dressage
  • Novice Show Jumping
  • Junior Show Jumping
  • Intermediate Show Jumping
  • Open Show Jumping
  • Senior Associate Show Jumping 


 12.00 Noon
 12.00 Noon
 12.00 Noon

 Pure Dressage Team and Individual  9.00am
 Show Jumping
  • TRI Equestrian Alice Mernagh U-12
 Course Walk at 8.00am (First 10 Teams Only) Tack Inspection at 8.00am
 Competition begins at 8.30am
 Course Walk after every 10 teams
 Mounted Games
  • Junior (U-13)
 9.00am Tack Inspection and Parade of Teams
 Musical Ride  4.00pm

Saturday 28th July 2018

Show Jumping
  • TRI Equestrian Robbie Bailey – Junior
  • TRI Equestrian John Ledingham – Intermediate 

 Course Walk at 8.00 am (For First 10 Teams Only)

 Tack Inspection at 8.30 am Competition begins at 9.00am
 Course Walk after every 10 teams

  •  TRI Equestian Open Team and Senior Area Team
  • TRI Equestrian Senior Individual
 Course Walk at 1.00 pm approx.
 Tack Inspection at 1.30 pm
 Competition begins at 2.00 pm approx.
 Followed by Senior Individual
 Mounted Games
  • Senior B
 9.00am Tack Inspection and Parade of Teams

Please Note:

  • All Competitors must wear their Pony Club badges and discs (Except Mounted Games)
  • All Competitors must wear numbers.
  • Passports must be available for all horses and ponies participating at the Festival. Passport checks will be carried out.
  • On arrival please follow the directions of the parking stewards.


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