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Its Plain Sailing – Entry Fees and Handling Fees (Credit / Debit Card Charges) – New Directive Explained

On the 13th January 2018, a new EU Directive prohibiting surcharging came into force.  Surcharging occurs when an additional charge for payments is applied on a consumer's credit or debit card, both in shops or online.

Specifically, for the Irish Pony Club this affects those Branches using Its Plain Sailing. Going forward the IPC and Branches must set the field “Handling Fee Included” to “Yes” when creating application forms on Its Plain Sailing.
By setting this to "Yes" it means that the card handling fee that applies when a person is checking out and paying is not automatically added on top of the entry / membership fee, but instead it is deducted from the amount that gets transferred to your Branches bank account.

The implications of this, for both the IPC and the Branches are that each committee must decide whether to increase the entry fee to include the handling fee or to accept the loss of the handling fee.  Examined against multiple entries for a compeition, the loss of the handling fee could become quite costly for a Branch.  

Consequently, the IPC has decided to increase the entry fee through the Its Plain Sailing system to include the handling fee.  

  • For example, for the Holmestead Saddlery Minimus Championships, the fee for parents through Its Plain Sailing will be €47.50.  This price includes the entry fee for the competition (€46) and the handling fee (€1.50).  The Branch will subsquently pay the IPC for the number of their members who will be competing
  • i.e. No. of entries x €46 = Amount paid by the Branch to the IPC. 

N.B. The Handling Fee is a charge that would automatically have been applied to your credit or debit card in the past.  It is not a new or extra charge this year.  It is simply that the new laws mean that it must be deducted in a different manner.

Please Note:  This will only apply to Branches who have an Its Plain Sailing page and use the online system for registering members or registering for competitions.  Branches who DO NOT have an Its Plain Sailing page will carry on as normal and charge their members for the cost of entering a competition, which in the example of the Holmestead Saddlery Minimus Championships would be €46.


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