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Chairman’s Address

The curtain has once again come down on our National Championship Festival held in Barnadown and it was, I feel a fantastic spectacle and an event that personified sportsmanship, competition, teamwork and dedication by all involved.

I would like to thank Mr. Maurice Cousins who gave us his kind permission to use the exceptional venue at Barnadown Equestrian Centre, your welcome as always was warm, your help in everything was immense and the facilities were as always exemplary! There are many people involved in the organisation and running of these events and the hard work, dedication and attention to detail that goes into this is untold. Doctor Katherine Harvey Chairperson of Dressage and Combined Training, Mrs. Helen O’Neill Chairperson of Show Jumping and Mr. Chris Ahearne Chairperson of Mounted Games and your respective committees, the organisation and effort that you put into each of your disciplines is appreciated more than I can express but is very much seen by all and shows in every event.

I have to mention our sponsors who make this event possible;

Horse First who sponsored our Musical Ride event which we were so happy to see the return of and which was a magnificent display! TRI Equestrian who sponsored the prizes for Show Jumping and Plus Vital who sponsored the Dressage and Combined Training prizes. Thank you for your support which is greatly appreciated, and we hope this continues for years to come.

To all our competitors – well done! Each and everyone of you are a credit to your families and our sport. Your continued training and commitment to horsemanship and sport was clearly on show for the duration of the festival and the effort you put in was noted and to be complimented. If perhaps you did not do as well as you hoped just keep working, get straight back in the saddle (pardon the pun!) and keep going, there will be better days.

I must highlight and recognise all our Branch members, office staff, supporters, family members and volunteers in whatever capacity it may be, thank you so much for all your support and encouragement for all our competitors and members. You are all the backbone of committees and organisations, and it is your commitment, support, sacrifice and encouragement that scaffolds the whole of Pony Club its branches and its members.

As a final word I would just like to say that I hope all who attended in whatever role enjoyed our National Championship Festival as much as I did. I love to get to events to meet all of you and I am so thankful that we can once again meet in person and hold these events. I hope to meet you at another event soon.

Thank you all again and keep up the good work and the Irish Pony Club flag flying high.

Warm Regards,

Mr. Michael Essame (Chairman)

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