Joe Duffy Volvo Irish Pony Club National Tetrathlon 2020 - Entries Open

The entries for the Joe Duffy Volvo Irish Pony Club National Tetrathlon are now OPEN on your Branch Its Plain Sailing page.

“This is a very unique year.  It has been challenging at times but with everyone working together, it has been possible to achieve some normality.  A lot of hard work has gone in to the preparation of this tetrathlon competition.  More work and planning are required to get it over the line.  The Irish Pony Club Tetrathlon committee will continue to strive to develop a safe and enjoyable competition for members.  We would ask for a little understanding from everyone both before and during the weekend of competition.  There will be many changes compared to regular tetrathlon competitions.  Please be patient, read all of the guidelines, check your arrival and start times and obey the Covid-19 Compliance Officers at all times.” 

John Flood, Irish Pony Club Chairman of Tetrathlon.

Due to Covid-19 protocols and guidelines, many elements of the National Tetrathlon Competition will be different this year.  Read this article carefully and in its entirety to ensure that all rules, guidelines and Branch requirements are understood and adhered to.  

 Basic Competition Details

  • Shooting Phase
    • The Shooting phase will take place on Saturday 22nd August in Kells Equestrian Centre, Balreask, Carlanstown, Kells, Co, Meath. A82 WN32.
    • Provisional start times will be confirmed when they are finalised.
    • Depending on the entries, all times are subject to change.
  • Swimming Phase
    • The swimming phase will take place on Saturday 22nd August in Kells Swimming Pool, Gardenrath, Kells, Co, Meath. A82 KD62.
    • There will be no warm up for the swimming phase.
    • Further details will be published as they are finalised.
  • Running Phase
    • The running phase will take place on Sunday 23rd August in Broadmeadows Equestrian Centre, Hillview, Greenoge, Ashbourne, Co. Meath. A84 TF10.
    • Provisionally starting at 8am.
    • Once again, all start times are subject to change.
  • Cross Country Riding Phase
    • The cross-country phase will take place on Sunday 23rd August in Killossery Lodge Stud, in strict numerical order.
    • Provisionally, the cross-country phase for the Tetrathlon Championships will begin at 10am. This start time is subject to change.
    • Tack inspection
      • Members must wear riding hat and body protector according to IPC Cross Country Tack Sheet 2020.
    • Competitors must bring their cross country number bibs for the riding phase.
    • Details for course inspections will be published closer to the competition.
      • However, competitors should be prepared to walk the course when they have completed the shoot and swim phase.
  • Camping
    • There will be no camping on site at Killossery.
  • Stabling
    • There will be no stabling on site at Killossery.
    • The following private stables may be contacted by individuals if they wish to book stabling. These are private establishments.
      • Sarah Duffy 087-9273602
      • Coopers, contact Gavin 087-8390265.
    • They must be contacted directly to book stabling. Stabling will be subject to the rules and guidelines of the private establishment.
  • Catering
    • There will be no catering or refreshments on site. All competitors, parents, guardians, officials and volunteers must bring their own refreshments or lunches if required.
  • Secretary’s Office
    • Will remain closed to the public. Emergency contact details will be available. There should be minimum contact in an emergency.

Entry Criteria

  • All competitors at the National Tetrathlon Competition must be paid up members of the Irish Pony Club.
    • Therefore, please ensure that all members intending to compete at the Tetrathlon Competitions have paid up and received their IPC Membership Card.
  • All competitors, Branch officials, parents, guardians, volunteers and persons attending the Joe Duffy Volvo Irish Pony Club National Tetrathlon must risk assess their own situation to see how safe it is first.  Everyone in attendance should opt in to attending the competition.
  • The ponies name must be entered as recorded on the passport. Pet or stable names are not acceptable.
  • The entry fee for the competition is €65. 
  • No pony may be used more than twice over the cross-country course.
    • Ponies which are to be shared must be noted on the entry form using *.
    • A member may compete only once in this competition.

How to Register an Entry for the Joe Duffy Volvo Irish Pony Club National Tetrathlon Competition

  • Parents or guardians should enter their child or children through their Branches Its Plain Sailing page.  T
    • The Branch DC or nominated Tetrathlon trainer or administrator then sorts the entries into teams, names the team using the Branch name in the team name, and enter the members in the order in which they wish them to ride.
  • Parents and guardians should check the application form to make sure that they have entered the correct information and used the correct spelling and correct case i.e. not all capitals and not all lower case etc.
    • Common errors occur where the age is entered incorrectly or the information is typed in block capitals.
  • All Branch entries must be submitted to the Irish Pony Club office before 9.30am on Thursday 13th August 2020.
  • All competitions must be pre-entered.
  • No refunds will be made after Monday 17th August 2020.  Requests for refunds must be submitted in writing to the Irish Pony Club office by the Branch DC or their representative.
  • Parents, guardians and competitors should request the details for the correct abbreviation for the gun that they will be using in the competition from their Branch.
    • (When a competitor registers for the competition, they will be asked to select their gun from a list of abbreviated guns. If competitors are able to choose the correct gun from this list, it will make it easier for the Branch DC when they are checking that all of the entry details are correct. If a gun is randomly selected from the list then the Branch DC will have to fix each entry before they can submit it for the competition.)
    • This NO GUN option should only be selected if the competitor does not have access to a gun and is intending to borrow a gun for the competition.

Covid-19 Protocols 

This section summaries the Covid-19 protocols which all attending must follow during the course of the National Tetrathlon competition. 

  • The Covid-19 Compliance Officers must be obeyed at all times throughout the competition.
  • Social distance must be observed at all times.
  • Gatherings are strictly prohibited.
  • Respiratory etiquette and good hygiene practices must be implemented throughout.
  • No spectators or additional family members to attend the competition. Only those required to assist the competitor prepare for the competition should accompany the member.
  • Everyone in attendance must bring their own face covering and hand sanitiser. Competitors will be required to wear them at various times over the course of the two days.
  • Temperature checks will be carried out at the entrance to the phases. Details will be published when they have been finalised.
  • Contact Tracing
    • There will be a form on Its Plain Sailing to capture the contact details for all those attending the National Tetrathlon Competition
      • Competitors and parents or guardians contact information for those who will be attending the competition will be captured through the competitor’s entry form.
      • Parents or guardians when completing the entry form must list the person who will be attending with the member.
    • Nominated Branch representatives, officials, volunteers and stewards must complete a contract tracing and Covid-19 declaration form on the Irish Pony Club Its Plain Sailing page. (This form is completely separate to the Branch Competition Entry Form).
      • Note: Only those who have successfully completed this form will be allowed to enter the competition sites over the two days.
    • A Covid-19 Assistant Steward will be present at the entrance to all sites to record and check off the details of everyone entering the site. This job will run smoothly if all of the contact tracing information is submitted accurately in advance of the competition. Otherwise competitors and vehicles will be required to queue as the contact names and details are recorded on site.
  • Travelling to the Competition
    • Before travel, competitors should observe good hygiene practices, use the bathroom and wash hands.
    • Competitors should procure and bring hand sanitiser, to support their own health and safety.
    • Families travel together to the competition with no sharing of lorries or jeeps outside of the family group.
    • Punctuality is extremely important. Time slots and arrival times will be published closer to the competition. These must be strictly adhered to. If competitors arrive at a venue outside of their allotted time period, they will not be allowed to enter the venue.
  • Finished Competing, Depart the Venue
    • As soon as the competitor is finished competing, they should leave the venue. There should be no hanging around or spectating.
    • All competitors should be instructed to arrive and exit in an orderly manner, obeying directions at all times.
  • Shooting
    • There will be no spectators in the shooting hall.
    • Each shooter must maintain a 2m social distance at all times, whether laying down or standing, indoors or outdoors.
    • The shooting trainer must wear a face covering (as per Health Service Executive guidelines) and apply hand sanitiser between shooters.
    • All competitors, must wear a face covering in the shooting hall. 
    • Irish Pony Club competitors at the National Tetrathlon competition must bring their own equipment and Personal Protective Equipment, including the following:
      • Face Covering
      • Pellets
      • Hand Sanitiser
      • Shooting Mat.
    • Where a Branch gun is being used multiple times, the Branch Shooting Trainer must sanitise and clean the gun between each competitor.
    • For this year only, competitors will be allowed to bring their mobile phone into the shooting hall.  It should be on silent at all times.
      • Competitors will be allowed to photograph their targets when they have finished shooting. They will not be allowed to touch them to prevent cross contamination.
    • Competitors should arrive 30 minutes before the start of their shoot. They should not arrive earlier than this.
  • Swimming
    • No trainers or parents will be allowed on the deck at the swimming pool.
    • Competitors should arrive with their swimming gear on under their clothing.
    • Changing rooms will not be available.
    • There will be no warm-up for the swimming phase.
    • Competitors will complete their swim, leave the pool, towel dry in a specific area at the side of the pool and then leave the pool directly.
    • Further details will be provided closer to the competition.
  • Running
    • Dependent on the final number of entries, competitors will be divided into blocks.  Each block will be given a start time and based on that, an arrival time slot.
      • Competitors should only enter Killossery during their assigned time slot.
      • Once competitors have completed the running phase, they should proceed to prepare for their cross-country ride.
  • Cross Country
    • Dependent on the final number of entries, competitors will be divided into blocks.  Each block will be given a cross country start time and based on this time slots where they should present for tack inspection and warm up.
    • Competitors must bring their own cross country number bibs for this phase. 
    • Once competitors have completed the cross-country phase, they should proceed to leave the venue in an orderly manner.

Number Collection

  • Branches must appoint one official to collect their competitor’s numbers, shooting targets and timing chips on Saturday 22nd August.
  • Branches will be given an envelope for each of their competitors containing all of the items that they need for the competition. The envelopes will clearly show the competitors name on the front.
  • The Branch official must distribute the envelopes to their competitors.
  • These envelopes will contain cross country numbers, shooting targets, running numbers and timing chips. They should not be misplaced during the course of the two days

Tetrathlon Rule Book

Further details will be published as they become available.

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