Parents in Sport Week 2018 - Developing the Coach and Parent Relationship

A good and positive relationship between a coach, instructor or trainer is essential in order to enhance parental involvement in sport.  

 As mentioned in previous article in this series, parents are key to encouraging their children to become involved in sport and parents facilitate sports activities by trasnporting children, providing equipment and providing support. 

The NSPCC and CPSU have developed a number of very interesting articles and guidelines that may be of interest to our Irish Pony Club trainers and instructors to help understand, support and educate parents and encourage their involvement in pony club.

Enhancing Parental Involvement in Youth Sport: Recommendations for Coaches

They have also developed some very helpful strategies to guide coaches and inform them on how to improve and manage potential issues between coaches and parents, to build positive relationships.

Improving Parent Coach Relationships: Strategies for Coaches

Visit for further guidance.

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