Branch and Official IPC Closing Dates Explained

Some confusion may exist around the closing dates for National Championships.

When the Irish Pony Club creates an application or registration form for any of the National IPC Championships, an Official IPC Closing Date is set.  This is the final date by which the Branch must submit all of their Branch entries to the IPC office.

It is recommended (but optional) for Branches to set a Branch Closing Date for any National Championships, a couple of days (at the very least 24 hours) before the Official IPC Closing Date.  This Branch Closing Date would represent the date by which Parents must register their child for the Championship with their Branch.

The reason for this being that after parents have registered their children for the Championship through the Branch Its Plain Sailing page, your DC and the administrators of your Branches Its Plain Sailing page must check the entries to ensure that they are correct and that everyone who should have entered has done so.  Also, at this point DC's must create teams and running orders for the members of their Branch who are participating in the Championship.  Once this process has been completed the Branch must submit their Branch entries to the IPC office before the Official IPC Closing Date.

By setting a Branch Closing Date, Branches are giving themselves time to ensure that everything is correct with their entry before the Official Closing Date.

The overall aim of this process is to ensure that all entries are submitted to the IPC Office on time to prevent delays to the creation of the event running order and the preparation of the Branch Running Order which is published on the IPC website before each Championship.  If Branches fail to submit their entries to the IPC office before the Official IPC Closing Date, then significant delays can occur to the event programming process because the system would have to be re-opened in order for a Branch to submit their entries.

With your help and assistance, the IPC would like to streamline the process to improve efficiency. 

Therefore, please check with your Branch to confirm your Branches Closing Date for registering your entry for any of the National Championships. 

N.B. The IPC Office Staff and the organising committees of each Championship will endeavour to accommodate members who must make changes to the programme due to verified injury or illness.  Refunds are available up to the point where the programme goes to print.

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