E-Vetting to be Introduced from January 2018

E-Vetting to be introduced from January 2018 – The Irish Pony Club

With effect from January 2018, The Irish Pony Club will move fully to E-Vetting, meaning that paper-based Garda Vetting forms will no longer be accepted.

E-vetting will allow applicants to be vetted in a quicker and easier manner than before (usually in the region of 5 working days once the applicant have completed the Garda Vetting application form).

All information and relevant forms relating to E-Vetting will be available on www.irishponyclub.ie from January 2018 which applicants can then fill out and submit online.

Guidelines for E-Vetting

Step 1

The applicant must log on to the Irish Pony Club website, www.irishponyclub.ie and download an Invitation to Complete Garda Vetting, manually complete the form and forward the form the Irish Pony Club head office, providing proof of identity.
Step 2
The Irish Pony Club will validate the proof of identity and send the applicant an e-mail with a link attached inviting him/her to complete a Vetting Application Form. The applicant has a 30-day window to complete the application form, otherwise it will be automatically deleted.
Step 3
The applicant completes a Vetting Application Form online and submits it to the Irish Pony Club.
Step 4
The Irish Pony Club will review the Vetting Application Form and, if correct, submit it to the National Vetting Bureau.
Step 5
The National Vetting Bureau processes the application and forwards a vetting disclosure to the Irish Pony Club.
Step 6
The Irish Pony Club will review the vetting disclosure and assess the suitability of the applicant to do relevant work with the Irish Pony Club.  As soon as is practicable the Irish Pony Club will provide a copy of the disclosure to the applicant.


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