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ipc logo rnd50To all members, DC’s, Volunteers, Officials, Parents & Instructors of the Irish Pony Club.

Here at the Training Committee we have spent the later part of 2020 looking at our strategy & plans going forward, we are reviewing all the test cards & standards, so they flow & complement each other.  Yes, there are still many uncertainties outside our control, however the values of the  IPC to provide & promote a love for ponies & horses through good horsemanship, sportsmanship, friendship & fun while treating all members, volunteers, officials, parents & coaches with respect.

Below are some suggested tasks that can be addressed online during these difficult times. 

The Pony Club have a DVD, Stable Management series, Handling & Leading / Health & Condition these work in conjunction with the Manual of Horsemanship.  About an hour long, these are easily broken down into separate sessions.

In addition the Pony Club Achievement Badges book has some badges that can be attained through online work. To encourage all members to work towards badges, especially in a year where they’re not going for specific tests. Members can sew these badges onto the arms of their sweatshirts & wear them with pride.

Our Children’s Officer (Rory O’Sullivan Hennessy) has written clear guidelines for running tasks online under the current Government restrictions, these are available to view on the IPC website. When organising Stable Management / Horse Care work with members, please be sure you are familiar with these.

Think of the fun things that can be run:


Stable Management / Horse Care via Zoom

Have a race to put together a bridle or a Double bridle.

Planning your fittening programme for both horse & rider.

For younger members draw a good field & a bad field.

Go out in the field & photograph some poisonous plants.

Photograph your pony or horse & assess their conformation.

Paint your pony competition.

They are many exciting things we can do, to connect with our friends in the IPC.

The Combined Training & Dressage Committee are running a virtual Dressage Competition. This is an excellent opportunity to get out, get some practice & feedback from listed Dressage Ireland judges.

Hopefully we are nearing the end of a very testing year & we look forward to a happy & active time ahead.

Yours in sport

Derval Diamond (Chairperson of the Training Committee)

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