Holmestead Saddlery Irish Pony Club Tetrathlon Championships

Holmestead Saddlery IPC Tetrathlon Championships


The Tetrathlon Championship will take place as follows:

  • Shooting to start at 12 noon on Friday 25th August, at The Watershed (swimming pool), Kilkenny for Senior Boys and Girls followed by Junior Boys and Junior Girls. 
  • Swimming will begin at 2 pm for Senior Boys followed by Senior Girls followed by Junior Boys and Junior Girls.
    • There will be limited parking at The Watershed.  
    • Please advise your parents to arrange for horses/ponies to be delivered to Clonmel Racecourse first so as not to arrive at the Watershed with a horsebox / lorry.  
    • Juniors should try to walk their cross country course at Grove, near Fethard before they swim if possible.
  • Riding will take place by kind permission of Mrs. Rosemary Ponsonby, Grove, Fethard, Co. Tipperary, located 1.6 km. from Fethard on the R706 (signposted Kilsheelin), on Saturday 26th August.  
    • Riding will begin on Saturday morning at 10.00am with Senior Boys, senior Girls followed by Junior Boys and Girls.
  • Running will take place at Clonmel Racecourse on Sunday 27th August beginning at 10am with Senior Boys and Girls followed by Junior Boys and Girls in team order.  
  • Prizegiving will follow at approx. 1:30pm

It is really important that the gun information for your members is entered correctly.  

The column named “Gun information”: Each branch trainer must number each gun the members use and inform the member/parents of this number, so that they enter it correctly on the entry form.  

DCs or Tetrathlon Trainers should check the entry forms before they are submitted to the office and ensure they are correct.

This information is then put on the entry form along with the abbreviated version of the branch name e.g.Meath = MH2, Kildare = KE9, Kilkenny = KK3, Kingdom = KM1, Limerick = LK4.

“Make & Serial number” of gun is as it says the Make and serial number e.g. Feinwerkbau,  Baikal, Hammerelli etc plus the serial number.

This important information is required by the Gardai when I apply for the Authorisation for the competition.

In advance of submitting entry forms, DCs are asked to please send me a list of the guns your members will be bringing to the Championships as soon as possible.  This request is in addition to the information needed on the entry form.
Stabling at Clonmel Racecourse:

  • Stabling cost is €45 for one night or for three nights.  
  • Competitors must bring their own equipment for skipping out.  
  • Two bales of shavings will be provided.  
  • Further bales of shavings can be purchases from a nearby store at €8/bale.  
  • To book your stable please use the following online link:https://www.itsplainsailing.com/club/area3

Camping at Clonmel Racecourse and Bar-B-Q on Saturday 26th August:

  • Competitors and their families are allowed camp at Clonmel Racecourse but there is a charge of €15 per lorry (each booking includes a lorry or jeep & horsebox plus an additional vehicle and a tent).  
  • Campers will have use of the Racecourse toilet and shower facilities.
  • Families are asked to respect the property of the Racecourse and ensure they do not litter or cause any damage.  
  • To book camping and / the Bar-B-Q (€15 ea) please use the following link:https://www.itsplainsailing.com/club/ipc


  1. Make your entry through your brances Its Plain Sailing page ASAP
  2. Book stables (if required) https://www.itsplainsailing.com/club/area3
  3. Book camping and or Bar-B-Q (if required) https://www.itsplainsailing.com/club/ipc
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