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D Plus Test Syllabus

PLEASE NOTE: The Test Cards produced on this page are protected by Copyright by the Irish Pony Club all rights reserved. No parts of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior permission of The Irish Pony Club



  • To be able to show how to ride your pony in a confident, balanced position and in an even pace.

  • To be working towards developing a balanced position.

  • To understand basic aids and how to use them.

  • To ride in a confident and capable manner.


  • Mount using mounting block or leg-up if required.

  • Hold and shorten the reins correctly and carry a whip in either hand.

  • Be able to walk on a long rein.

  • To be able to control a quiet pony in company, on the roads and in the countryside.

  • Walk without stirrups.

  • Show use of natural aid to control your pony.

  • Simple turns and circles in walk and trot.

  • Be able to canter.

  • Ride up and down hills in walk.

  • Ride over a single pole and very small fence.


  • To know on which side of the road you should ride.

  • To understand a simple Junior Road Rider code.

  • How to ride along a road, cross a road and say 'thank you', and how to signal to turn right or left.

  • To know it is safer to ride on the road with adults or parents.

  • To show an awareness of dangers when riding on the road, understanding what is likely to frighten a pony or cause him to slip.

  • To understand how to ride with a friend whilst on the road.

  • Recognise the dangers to ponies from cars and other traffic.


  • Know the basic needs of and care for a pony living in a field.

  • Put on a saddle and bridle with assistance.

  • Be able to tell if saddle & bridle are fitting correctly..

  • Know how to clean and care for saddlery.

  • Catching a pony and turn it away in the field.

  • Lead a pony in hand at walk and trot, and turn correctly.

  • Tie up a pony correctly.

  • Names and uses of grooming kit.

  • Recognise if pony needs shoeing.

  • Pick up and pick out feet.

  • Points of the pony, colours and markings.

  • Be able to recognise turn-out rugs/cooler rugs/ and a night rug.

  • Basic signs of good health in your pony.

The following sections in 'The Manual of Horsemanship':
Points of the Pony.
Colours and markings.
Care and working a pony off grass.
Putting on a saddle.
Putting on a bridle.
Saddle fitting.
Bridle fitting.
To tie up correctly.
Care of saddlery.
Aids (Omit gallop and rein-back).
Jumping position.
The Pony Club Publication 'Junior Road Rider'
The Pony Club Stablemanagement Series

Minimum age 10 (in year of the test).  Disc Colour - White

Last Updated: 04/11/2015
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